Make your memories last forever

Imagine your space as an openspace. The space is designed to be flexible, allowing teams to reorganize the space according to their needs.

prepare meetings

how terrifying it is to be listened to

Playing with friends

Whether you're planning a big or small party, we've got everything you need for a great time, without ads or pay-per-view.

watch videos or even together

watch speedruns, entertainment such as videos of your favorite game, or even manga (we know that more and more people like this)

We're preparing lots of updates!

Here, we don't create the impossible, we let you create it. That's the direction we're heading in, to give you the best possible tools.

much more customizable than the competition

customize banner, logo, roles, trade shows and more!

The right place to meet

Meet your next playmate, drawing partner or whatever

road map ready for weekly updates!

Cool bug fixes and new features for even more fun

Our mission is to create a world of mutual aid

Create a peaceful space to work, play and entertain. "Just the right place"- ZELFLOR